Professionalism and quality services being rendered by NLC for over past three decades has made NLC the most credible name in the Logistics and Construction sectors of Pakistan. Keeping pace with latest technological advancements and introduction of new trends in the fields have contributed a great deal to remarkable growth and success of the organization since its inception in 1978.

Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) is the principal trading arm of the Government of Pakistan. Established as a premier international trading house in 1967, the Corporation has gradually moved from barter, through commodity exchange to cash trade. Acting on the directives of the Federal Government, amongst other things, TCP undertakes import of essential commodities to help ensure their availability to the common man at affordable prices. It intervenes in the market in the larger public interest to ensure fair price to growers, as well as to preempt hoarding and profiteering. The Corporation is fully owned by the Government of Pakistan. Beginning with a trade volume of Rs. 115.763 million in 1967-68, TCP went on to register a turnover of Rs. 52,649.402 million in 2010-11. TCP is evidently amongst the select few profit making state enterprises in Pakistan.

PASSCO was established in 1973 and commenced its operations in May, 1974. It was registered as a Public Limited Company with authorization of Rs. 100 million and paid up capital of Rs. 30 million. 75% of paid up capital was contributed by five Commercial Nationalized Banks and ADBP (now ZTBL) and balance 25% was subscribed by the Federal Government. The Board of Directors, who are appointed by the shareholders, control the Corporation. Secretary M/O NFS&R is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director is Ex-officio Director of the Board.

The USC is committed to provide clean, graded, hygienically fit, unadulterated genuine food and non-food items to the public and specially to the poorer segments of the society, at comparatively cheaper rates than the market and to offer them a pleasant environment of mutual confidence while making their purchases. It is also committed towards its obligation to provide economic relief to the public by playing its role as a price moderator and deterrent to profiteering, hoarding and black-marketing

NFC is owned by Government of Pakistan and was incorporated as private limited company in August, 1973. At that time three small plants that is: Pak American Fertilizers Limited, Daudkhel Lyallpur Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited, Jaranwala Natural Gas Fertilizer Factory having total capacity of 306,000 m.tons were transferred to NFC by Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation.

National Fertilizer Marketing Limited (NFML), a wholly owned subsidiary of National Fertilizer Corporation, was incorporated in July 1976 as a Public Limited Company. Initially, NFML was assigned to market the products of the then NFC companies namely; Pak American Fertilizers Limited, Lyallpur Chemical & Fertilizers Limited and Natural Gas Factory. As NFC increased its production capacity by establishing new Plants, NFML assumed the total responsibility for marketing and distribution of the entire production of 2.008 Million M.Tons of NFC Fertilizer Manufacturing Plants.

Punjab Food Department has vision to improve the quality of life of citizens of Punjab by providing them quality flour at affordable prices while safeguarding the interests of wheat growers by ensuring them fair price for their produce as well as maintaining food security in the Province. Food Department was created in the 2nd World War during 1945 to meet the deficiency of food in India. Initially its name was Civil Supplies Department and used to supply a number of articles including atta, wheat, rice and sugar. A number of items used to be distributed even after creation of Pakistan. Lastly only three items i.e. Sugar, Rice and Atta used to be distributed through rationing by the Food Department. During 1984-85 sugar was de-rationed in Junejo regime and finally atta and rice were also de-regulated during 1986.

Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited is a conglomerate corporation listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange as ‘CSAP’. Starting operations with a pipe manufacturing facility in March 1987, Crescent Steel now has diversified businesses in four defined sectors – engineering, textiles, capital markets and power – spread over six campuses. The Company’s Steel segment manufactures large diameter spiral submerged arc welded steel line pipes and a pipe coating facility capable of applying multi and single layer, high density polyethylene internal and external coatings. Both units are located at Nooriabad. The Steel segment also operates an engineering unit, capable of fabricating and erecting reliable machinery at par with international standards. The unit is located in Faisalabad and caters primarily to the sugar, cement, paper and dairy industries.

Pakistan Steel is strategically located 40km south east of Karachi in close vicinity to port Muhammed Bin Qasim. Pakistan Steel is a costal site which lies on the National Highway and is linked to the railway network. Spread over an area of 18,600 acres (29 square miles) with 10,390 acres for the main plant, 8070 acres for the township and 200 acres for the water reservoir Pakistan Steel is Pakistan's largest industrial complex, comprising component units numbering more than 20.

Orient is a leading home appliances brand in Pakistan, producing a wide range of electronics including AC, LED TV, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Water Dispenser and more.

Pakistan Army

With a vision to acquire self - sufficiency in fertilizer production in the country, FFC was incorporated in 1978 as a private limited company. This was a joint venture between Fauji Foundation and Haldor Topsoe A/S. The initial share capital of the company was 813.9 Million Rupees. The present share capital of the company stands above Rs. 8.48 Billion. Additionally, FFC has more than Rs. 8.3 Billion as long term investments which include stakes in the subsidiaries FFBL, FFCEL and associate FCCL.FFC commenced commercial production of urea in 1982.

Pakarab Fertilizers Limited was established as a result of protocol concluded and signed on November 15, 1972 by the Government of Pakistan to further strengthen and develop fraternal ties between Islamic Republic of Pakistan and State of Abu Dhabi. A Memorandum of Understanding was concluded between Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Limited (ADNOC) on March 7, 1973. A participation agreement emerged on November 1, 1973 to establish a joint venture for the expansion and modernization of the old Natural Gas Fertilizer Factory (NGFF) at Multan.

PEL contributes in your lives every day, by providing you not just appliances for a better lifestyle, but with Power products like transformers, switch gears and energy meters. We are the pioneers of electrical manufacturing in Pakistan and we are here to make a difference in your lives whether it is through taking care of your home, your lifestyle, making your day to day activities easier or by helping you save energy. We are here to “Change your Life”. Since its inception, PEL has been operating keeping in view the philosophy of innovation and advancement. It has consistently contributed in the development of engineering sector in Pakistan, keeping in mind the National interest and Consumer welfare. It has introduced a range of quality electrical equipments and home appliances by producing hundreds of engineers, skilled workers and technicians through its apprenticeship schemes and training programmes.